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Maharashtra is one of India's largest and most industrial states. With an impressive size, thriving economy and coastal culture; Maharashtra makes a lovely destination for business and pleasure. Below is a list of locations to visit and on the left is a list of the best hotels in Maharashtra. We have handpicked these destinations and hotels, resorts and apartments especially for your comfort and satisfaction. So, sit back and enjoy!

Maharashtra's GDP has been growing steadily over the last 10 years. And Maharashtra is India's leading industrial and commercial state contributing 15% of national industrial output and over 40% of India's national revenue. After successes in information technology in neighboring states, Maharashtra set up software parks in Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Nasik. Now, Maharashtra is the second largest exporter of software in India, with annual exports of Rs 18 000cr ie 30% of India's software exports.

Having a long and beautiful coastline, Maharashtra's food and culture includes copious amounts of seafood and coconut, although vegetarian food is also a large part of the Maharashtrian diet. The residents of this state have a penchant for delicious food and they spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that their food is excellent. Maharashtrian food features a delightful blend of spice and tanginess, it really is quite a treat.

You can expect to have a lovely, enjoyable and relaxing vacation when you visit Maharashtra because it is a serene place full of sunny beaches, hill stations and monuments worth seeing. And the people and friendly and easy-going.

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