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We would like to put forward certain guidelines, which will assist you in using the facility of OSBORNE CLUB or taking an exchange.

You are floating week member, which gives you more flexibility in using the membership to greater advantage.

As a privileged member you are entitled for 20% discount on food and 20% discount on beverages (except on imported wine) during your stay with us at OSBORNE HOLIDAY RESORTS Goa.

On Floating week membership depending on the season (Red/White) that you own you get to choose your week.

  1. Red week members get to choose any week from week No.1 to 51.
  2. White week members get to choose any week from week No.15 to 42.

Osborne Club FAQ

What happens if I do not wish to use my entitlement completely at a time?

You may split your holiday entitlement and take more than one shorter holiday. However, the shortest holiday you take must be of a minimum of 2 nights. On the other hand, you may also take longer holidays of over 7 nights, up to a maximum of 14 nights, in your own season. Minimum booking: 3 nights for Red and 2 nights for White memberships.

What happens if I am not able to take my holiday in a particular year?

Your entitlement, if unused (wholly or partly) will get automatically accumulated to the next year. However, at no point in time can your account exceed 21 nights.

How do I take a holiday for more than 7 nights?

There are two ways in which you can do this.
  • You can use accumulated nights from the previous year.
  • You can also advance your entitlement from the following year.
You can avail this facility anytime after one year from your Holiday Start Date.

Note: Advancing your entitlement is subject to an up-front payment of your Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF), at the current rate, for the advanced week and the balance payable when due.

What is the Annual Maintenance Fee and when do I pay it?

Your Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) is used to maintain the resorts and all its amenities and to provide timely services and better interaction to you so that you can better enjoy your holiday. Irrespective of usage of your entitlement, your first AMF is due on your Holiday Start Date.
The AMF may be revised from time to time based on Consumer Price Index / Wholesale Price Index. The AMF is subject to Service Tax as applicable. You can pay AMF by cheque/ bank transfer AMF. Remember to keep your AMF payments up to date if you wish to holiday. If you wish to advance your holiday entitlements, remember you will need to pay your AMF upfront.


What is DAE?

Dial An Exchange is a members club for owners of any kind of holiday property to facilitate flexible exchange holidays with other club members

How do I book my Special offer with DAE?

is the website address set up exclusively for you to make your bookings, also you could contact the call centre on 080- 49017400.

Do we have a time limit to confirm a holiday?

Yes, each and every offer is valid till an expiry date, which will be mentioned in the Letter.

How early should I make my holiday booking?

You can make your reservations from as early as 60 days to as late as 1 day before your holiday.
Note: The earlier you book, the better your chances of getting the dates and destination of your choice.

Can I cancel the holiday once confirmed with DAE?

No, cancellations are not allowed.

What is the contact no for DAE?

DAE-India 080 49017400
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