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Our Beach section covers a wide variety of beaches. Relax in the cool lagoons of the Andamans where you can frolic in the clear waters, captivating corals and ravishing reefs. Take an ayurvedic massage under the swaying coconut canopies of Kovalam and Mararikulam in Kerala, ..............................More


We offer you exciting holiday options in a number of popular vacation destinations. Try some freshly picked apples in Manali or shop for curios in Darjeeling. Our Classical Holidays will ensure you have a rewarding visit.Our holidays cover the length and breadth of the country


Come experience one of life’s greatest wonders .............nature at her splendid best.The natural best wealth of the Indian sub-continent has remained unique, mysterious and fascinating for nature lovers. In Indian philosophy, life in any form is deemed sacred and it is advocated


Our religious beliefs oblige us to make a number of pilgrimages at various stages in our lives. We have put together a variety of packages that will enable you seek solace and fulfillment with God without the hassle and bother that is normally associated with travel to some parts of the country
Our week end and shorts breaks section whisks you off from the harried pace of urban living to a multitude of retreats a short distance from home. Get pampered, go with the flow and revel in the cool climes of Mussorie and Mahableshwar, luxuriate in a palace in Jaipur or Udaipur or just lie in a hammock in a palm grove, a whisker from the sea
Unknown to many people, India is an excellent destination for adventure. Its vast geographical diversity and the pristine nature of its facilities enables all tastes to be catered for, from the gentlest to the fast-paced, From the daunting Himalayan peaks in the North to the azure coastal areas in the South,


At Spa’s and Health Resorts over India you can experience the healing mineral waters, soothing Ayurvedic therapies and rejuvenating spa treatments. These Health retreats are designed to heal and rejuvenate your body and mind. The combination of a light and nutritious diet, exercise, yoga, meditation and more elements..............More
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