Places Of Interest Mumbai India 5 star Hotels Booking Online Reservation Centrally located Hotel Mumbai - Staying At
Places Of Interest Mumbai India 5 star Hotels Booking Online Reservation Centrally located Hotel Mumbai - Staying At Places Of Interest Mumbai India 5 star Hotels Booking Online Reservation Centrally located Hotel Mumbai - Staying At Hotels Online Reservations Weekend Packages Special Discount 50% Hotel Rooms offers- Staying At Mumbai India Asia Bombay Luxurious hotel room amenities centrally Located near domestic and international airport  Mumbai Hotel reservations luxury rooms suites available with specials discounts rates cheap prices guaranteed hotel rooms romantic bed and breakfast reservation network hotel rooms save money cheap travel


Welcome to the liveliest city in India called Mumbai. A city that hardly ever sleeps or a city where almost everything can be found was known as Bombay until 1995. Mumbai is an amalgamation of seven islands and lies on the West Coast of the Arabian Sea. It is well connected by air, rail or road. This wonderful city is home to 18 million people from all walks of life. Mumbai has been the 'Wall Street' for businessmen and 'Bollywood' to the young stargazers, which is now the largest film industry in the world. In this cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, it is as easy to find a traditional local fast food like 'idlis' or 'wada pavs' and western fast food like 'pizzas' or 'burgers'. In Mumbai, one can appreciate the Victorian architecture in the government buildings, railway terminals, university, etc. as well as Indian heritage in the temples, residences, etc. A trip to the crowded cloth markets, beaches, nearby hills and caves would definitely be worth a visit in Mumbai.
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Capital city of India and travel hub of Northern India. Officially two separate cities, the old city of Delhi and New Delhi are really two parts of one sprawling metropolis. New Delhi, built by the British is relatively modern with broad tree lined boulevards. Old Delhi is noted for its spectacular Mughal architecture dating back to the 10th century. The juxtaposition is what makes this city so fascinating. Age old history and mix of cultures has influenced the architectural styles, religious sites, museums and sumptuous cuisine. Modern shopping arcades offer access to traditional and contemporary arts and crafts from all over the country. Large open parks and gardens bloom in different seasons. Here in Delhi, one can feel the pulse of India beating to the rhythm of rapidly changing times.
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Goa is described as 'The pearl of the orient', 'Jewel of India', 'Beach Lovers Paradise', etc. - and rightly so, as it has something to offer all. Goa can offer beautiful beaches, sensuous silvery sands, fabulous flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage, captivating churches, terrific temples and much more. So get going to Goa for an exhilarating experience of your life.
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Bangalore A cosmopolitan city has come a long way since founded in the 17th century. Formerly called 'The garden city' is now known as 'The Silicon Valley'. Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka, in south India. It is situated 1000 kms above sea level and blessed with a salubrious climate. Beautiful gardens, parks and natural lakes abound all over this city. The famous old architectural landmarks occupy a place of pride in Bangalore. Restaurants serve traditional as well as modern fast foods. The pub culture was first introduced in Bangalore. Cultural events include pure classical Indian programs or modern fusion concerts. The ever-increasing development in information technology has put Bangalore in the forefront internationally.
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Acclaimed as 'God's own county', it surely lives up to its description. Green landscapes rich rivers and beaches lined with palm trees surround Kerala. Boat rides along the picturesque backwaters of Kerala is truly an amazing experience. Ayurveda, an alternate form of medicine has been popular in Kerala since 600 BC. Kerala's equable climate, natural abundance of forests abounding in herbs and medicinal plants are best suited for Ayurvedic treatment. Kerala is voted as one of the 50 great destinations in the world by the National Geographic Traveler. Introduction to Ecotourism has made it possible to experience the natural and Eco-friendly way of life. You could choose to live in an authentic tree house, go on a forest camping trek or take a ride on an elephant's back. The rich art and craft heritage of Kerala can be witnessed in the various dance forms like 'Kathakali', Mohiniattam, etc. Kerala is the only state in India to have achieved 100% literacy.
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