Group holidays Villas in Goa

Group Holidays Villas in Goa

Why choose a Villa?

Undoubtedly one of the most sort after vacation homes is the luxurious, spruced up villa. Villas are known as much for their host of amenities and facilities as for the space they offer their guests to spread out, having at their disposal a three or more bedroomed villa. However, all this luxury comes with a price tag to match, this makes choosing a villa a matter of some importance, when going on vacation.

Some of the things you might want to consider before you select a villa as your vacation home away from home include its location, amenities and the size of the group travelling together. Here’s why.


When travelling to new places, most people want to take time to see as much of the locale as they can. Whether they want to simply sip coffee in a sidewalk café and absorb the local colour or they want to visit all the tourist sites and places of historical interest, varies from traveller to traveller. Planning out your itinerary before going on vacation is a good way to select your vacation home.

Ideally, your vacation villa should be close to as many of the places that you want to visit as possible. This ensures that you can enjoy your travels with the minimum of fuss.


When booking a villa, taking note of the amentities is always a good idea to ensure that it can provide you with all the luxuries that you want on your vacation. Most villas have two to three bedrooms and bathrooms all of which are fully furnished and ready to receive guests. In addition there is also a kitchen and dining room with possibly a lounge as well. Additionally some villas come with the added luxuries of a butler and housekeeping service, pool facilities and sometimes even a home gym. Depending on which facilities and amenities you would like to have the use of on your vacation; you should check the villa and book accordingly. Size of the Travelling Group

Vacation villas are ideally suited to large groups travelling together. These villas, large and spacious as they are, allow the group to live under one roof, whilst giving them privacy that a hotel cannot. It also allows larger groups to be as loud and boisterous (especially those travelling with small children) as they want without having to worry about disturbing other guests. An additional upside to choosing a villa when travelling with a group is that the cost per person is reduced since it is now being split between several people rather than just one or two.


When choosing your ideal villa, it is important to consider the options for transport. Unlike hotels, villas do not constantly have staff on hand to help guests arrange for their transport or make their travel arrangements. Unless you are travelling in a personal vehicle or have rented one for the duration of your stay, public transport is an important factor whilst choosing a vacation home. Ideally, you should ensure that your villa has easy access to one or more forms of public transport, the more the better. Most cities have a network of buses and trains that ply regularly as well taxi services and Uber cabs.

Privacy and Quiet

If you’re looking for a complete getaway where you can simply relax and recharge, a villa might be ideally suited to your needs. Unlike hotels, there villas don’t have staff members constantly on duty. This allows the guests a measure of privacy that is impossible to obtain in a hotel. Also unlike hotels and resorts, there are no other guests who you might feel obliged to socialize with, or whose needs you might need to consider.

The space available in a villa is greater than what is available with most other vacation home options. This allows guests to spread out and have a huge space that they can call their own whilst they are on vacation. Budget hotel packages in Goa