Boutique Hotels in Goa

Goa boutique hotels

One of the main complaints from seasoned travellers is that hotels are so impersonal. Enter boutique hotels, the ultimate game changer. Boutique hotels are quirky and unique. They are built on a smaller scale but with a huge personality. They focus their design and décor to blend the history and feel of their location with modern technologies and comforts. They focus on adding themed attractions to make for a whimsical stay.

Booking into one of these hotels usually guarantees service that is ultra-personalized and food and beverages that are off the charts. The hotel restaurants in boutique hotels tend to serve locally-sourced, authentic cuisine and attract local clientele as well as out of town guests.

Here are some of the typical characteristics of a boutique hotel to help you decide whether or not it’s the right hotel booking for you.

Size – Small and Quaint

One characteristic that most boutique hotels share is their size, small but luxurious. Typically, boutique hotels have between 10 and 100 rooms. They are often independently owned and operated, by individuals or families. However, of late, there have been a number of hotel chains that have started marketing branded boutique hotels.

Location – Unique and Quirky

Boutique hotels exude personality and flair. This is in part because they are often located right in the city centre. They tend to be located right in the thick of it, in areas which are full of life. These areas can usually be found either in the city centre (not the business district) or in areas of the city where there are plenty of pubs, bars, restaurants and other hotspots of nightlife and leisure.

Service – Personalized or Tailor-made

Service in boutique hotels is very often tailored to suit the needs of their individual guests. The service is therefore, highly personalized; in part by having staff who will commit the names of the guests under their care to memory by the end of the very first day of the guests’ stay. In addition, boutique hotels also go out of their way to cater to every possible need or requirement of their guests, whether it be chauffer driven cars or city tours. Personalized chocolates, soaps and other knick knacks, are also par for the course at a boutique hotel. Food and Beverage – Local and Authentic

Boutique Hotels are known for their attention to detail in all their endeavours and this includes their food and beverage menus. They usually use locally sourced ingredients, to help build up local businesses and pride themselves on the authenticity of their cuisine. It’s unsurprising therefore that their in-house pubs and restaurants are enjoyed by both locals and guests. The service plays a large part as well since the staff are trained to be friendly and attentive and pay great attention to detail.

Décor – Unique and Individualistic

Unlike other hotels, boutique hotels usually have an individualistic approach to their décor. They eschew the generic, cookie-cutter look or feel that most hotels have, instead choosing to feature décor ranging from the ultra-modern to local charm, very often with a touch of the historic thrown in. The feel of the hotel is usually in keeping with the location, using local handicrafts and themes in the construction of their décor. Some boutique hotels are also themed. Usually, no two guest rooms in a boutique hotel are the same. The rooms are often given names rather than numbers. Their names reflect their individual design characteristics and features.

Pet Friendly – Yes!

More and more hotels these days tout themselves as being friendly but boutique hotels take this to the next level. Many boutique hotels are not only pet friendly, they make special arrangements to make your stay with your pet more enjoyable.

Clientele – Hip and Happening

Boutique hotels attract clients much like themselves. They do not cater to the business crowd and usually have clients who are quirky and fun. That’s probably because more individualistic people prefer to stay in places that reflect their own personalities.

In short, if you want something unique and out of the ordinary, something individualistic and quirky, something fun and happening, where you still have people catering to your every need, a boutique hotel is probably the right choice for you. What are you waiting for then, take your pick of boutique hotels and book your stay today. Budget hotels in Goa