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With the world at your fingertips, literally, planning a trip can be confusing. Where do you go? How long do you stay? What should your itinerary look like? more...

Travel Tips for Leisure

With the world at your fingertips, literally, planning a trip can be confusing. Where do you go? How long do you stay? What should your itinerary look like? If you need help planning your next vacation, here are a few tips that will help you weigh your options.

1. Domestic or Overseas?
Are you heading overseas or do you prefer a domestic vacation? For most people, the answer is decided by their budget and time on hand. But you don’t have to let your budget determine your destination. Whether you’re the kind of person who prefers chai with a mountain view or walking down unfamiliar streets in an all-new city, chances are we’ll have something for you. Check out our package deals and unbelievable discounts for all budgets, solo travelers, couples and families.

2. What type of experience are you looking for?
Destinations can be classified in many ways. Some travellers want to simply put down their bags and do the touristy thing. Others pine for endless beaches while some are partial to rolling hills and emerald mountains. Still others have their hearts set on a heritage experience while some prefer to drop anchor on a cruise liner. To find out what type of experience suits you, scroll through our various options to find the one you adore.

3. What kind of traveller are you?
Another factor that will help you craft a flawless itinerary is to know what kind of traveller you are – leisure, adventurer & explorer, wildlife enthusiast or looking for a romantic getaway? Maybe you’ve heard of a haven you simply must get off your bucket list. Or you’re looking for a hideaway where you can de-stress, far from the madding crowd. Maybe you’re a contrarian traveler, drawn to off-roading.

4. How long are you away?
The number of days you can spare will influence how far you are prepared to travel as well as how you get there – flight, rail or road. But, remember, if you book early and avail discounted air fares, Delhi could be at par with Dubai!

5. When are you going?
Different destinations reveal their best faces at different times of the year. Throw into the mix the two hemispheres, latitude and longitude, the weather and different seasons, and you could be one confused customer. But don’t panic. Check out our seasonal options for top destinations, travel guidelines and more.

6. Are you travelling alone?
The answer to this question could change the nature of your vacation more than you think. The intrepid backpacker may venture to territories that the leisure traveler wouldn’t dream of, and if you’re a single woman travelling alone, some destinations are better crossed off your itinerary. Either way, always plan safe. Check out dos and don’ts in the destinations of your choice, to pick the most suitable one.

7. Are you a new-age traveller?
If you’re tech savvy, so much the better. Go online and go for it! Digital apps have revolutionised travel by helping you plan everything on the go. From Google Maps for navigation, to apps that tell you how to pack, to apps that help you ‘serendipitously’ bump into friends visiting the same destination, listing currency exchange bureaus, throwing up restaurant options to suit your palate, to the cost of a soda and a sandwich in an unfamiliar city, there’s an app for literally everything. A word of caution: choose your apps prudently because it could be addicting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!