Hall of Fame / War Museum

Located fairly close to the airport, the hall of Fame or War Museum is run by the Indian Army and is worth visiting. Not the best architects of civilian architecture, the army has built the structure to resemble a stupa but with modern overtones. Full marks for effort!

The museum has several informative sections on Ladakh, its people, their culture, flora and fauna of the region, and, of course, the army and its operations in this border region. Details pertain to its operations in some of the most hostile terrain in the world; a fascinating display on the Siachen battlefield, the highest and battlefield in the world; and even a heart-wrenching tribute from a father to his 22-year-old son, who died in battle in Kargil in 1999. In addition, the museum screens a short documentary on Ladakh, which is worth watching. There is also a counter that sells souvenirs, caps, shawls, handicrafts etc. All in all, a valiant effort!