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Leh is a beautiful Himalayan destination in Ladakh

Excursions From Leh

Thikse Gompa (19 km) : Thikse is one of the largest and architecturally most impressive gompas in Ladakh. Modern pilgrims, aka tourists, have reported a ‘transformational experience' after visiting this monastery, which is 12 storeys high and built on a mountaintop. more

Stakhna Gompa (20 km) : Located on a remote and isolated rocky outcrop on the banks of the Indus River, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Stankha means ‘tiger’s nose’ as it is situated on the ‘nose’ of a hill that resembles a tiger. more

Hemis High Altitude National Park (35 km) Snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, Asian brown bear and red fox are some of the exotic animals that roam the mammoth reaches of this national park. more

Chemrey Gompa (45 km) : This is a large monastery, whose many structures seem to tumble down a hill into fields of barley and mustard in the valley below. Bright yellow fields set against the austere red and white of the gompa make for a stunning contrast. Built in 1645, upon the death of King Sengge Namgyal, Chemrey belongs to the Red Hat sect. it is very pretty and its timeless quality has an alluring effect on visitors.

Hemis Gompa (49 km) : ‘Largest’, ‘wealthiest’ and ‘most influential’ are words associated with Hemis Gompa located just outside the north-eastern boundary of the national park named after the monastery. more

Likir Gompa (52 km) : Likir monastery stands on a hillock in the middle of a fertile valley of the Indus River. The most noticeable feature is a massive gilded statue of the Buddha sitting atop the roof. more

Alchi Gompa (65 km) : The Alchi monastery is more a monastic complex than a single monastery. Just like Likir, this one is of the earliest gompas in Ladakh and dates back to the 10th century. more

Lamayuru Gompa (125 km) : Like Likir and Alchi, the monastery at Lamayuru is one of the oldest and also one of the largest gompas in Ladakh. It is accessible only after you cross the Foto -La, the highest point on the Srinagar-Leh road. more

Magnetic Hill : Perhaps you’ve picked up some super powers while on the gompa trail; or maybe it’s just magic. Just 30 km from Leh, on the Sinagar-Leh Highway (en route to Lamayuru monastery), something magical will happen to you. more