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Perhaps the most tempting feature of holidaying in Goa is her easy charm, laidback tempo, warm and welcoming locals – and, of course, balmy beaches. Goa also packs quite a punch, with an astonishing array of choices for vacationers, all in one tiny place more...
Vacation in Goa

When to go to Goa

Quite simply, the type of experience you’re looking for will determine the season you choose.

November to February : Clasically, the high season extends from November to February as the weather is pleasant and comfortable. In December, Goa goes into festive mode, during Christmas and New Year, when travellers from all over the world descend on the state to revel, revel, revel. The popular Sunburn music and dance festival also takes Goa by storm in December. The beaches are also best in winter as temperatures are cool and waters calm.

March to May : This is the low-season as the weather is hot and the sea turns rough ahead of the monsoon. However, hotel accommodation and home stays are cheaper, and domestic travellers, who are used to tropical temperatures, do not hesitate to visit Goa during this time.

June to October : The monsoon paints Goa in vivid hues and is a great time to drop anchor in the state. You can also do some ‘monsoon sightseeing’, ie, visit sights that might prove tiring in the summer. The famous festival of Sao-Joao (fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist) is celebrated in late June and it’s a treat for tourists. Savouring spicy Goan cuisine and sipping the local drink, feni, with the rain tapping at your window is highly recommended!