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5 Best Water-based Activities in Goa 5 Best Water-based Activities in Goa

5 Best Water-based Activities in Goa

Land-based Activities in Goa

Goa is known for its water sports. Whether taking advantage of the beach or cruising down a river, there are plenty of things to do for the water-loving adventurer. We’ve come up with a list of 5 water-based activities that we consider “must try’s” in Goa.

1. Scuba Diving Course

Scuba Diving lets you see the sights not normally seen. Taking you below the waves and giving you a glimpse of life under the sea. However to participate you require certification. Scuba divers need to be capable swimmers who are familiar with their equipment and aware of any and all safety features.

A scuba diving course then, is a good way to spend some time having fun and learning all at once. The quickest course is a two day beginner course which gives you an hour of theory instruction and an hour of practice in a swimming pool with instructors. The next day you head out to the sea for a total of two dives. This course certifies students for dives up to a depth of 12m, when accompanied by a dive instructor.

The intermediate course takes four days to complete and is much more in depth, with students doing theory and working in a pool followed by open water dives. This allows the students to be certified for dives up to 18m with a dive buddy. There are advanced courses available, though these require prior diving experience, as well as courses to train for rescue diving, etc.

2. Water Sports

If you want to just have fun and get your adrenaline pumping, Goa’s water sports scene has you covered. Ride a Jet Ski, paddle your heart out on a kayak, soar above the waves while parasailing, or catch the drafts and currents standing on a windsurfing board. The options are numerous and there’s something for everyone in the whole family to enjoy.

white water river rafting at Mhadei. Take a trip away from the normal Goan beach scenes into the wilderness of the Western Ghats. Ride the rapids and add a whole new dimension to your Goa vacation. View cost per trip for rafting in Goa

Once again October through to March is the ideal time to take part in these activities because of the ideal weather and calmer seas. It is possible to indulge in water sports right up until the month of May, but due to the high heat of summer, precautions need to be taken, such as sunglasses and sunscreen.

Most tourist beaches in Goa have water sports facilities in some form or the other. One of the most popular spots for water sports in Goa is the famous Baga beach in North Goa. These water sports are handled by professional operators and all safety precautions are met and observed. Life jackets are mandatory, and participants are accompanied by one of the operators.

3. Cruises

When you want to slow things down and take it easy, there’s no better way to do it than by taking a leisurely cruise down the rivers of Goa. Without waves to rock the boat this is a relaxing experience and is ideal for first time seafarers.

For those looking to get a look up close at the local wildlife you can go on cruises that let you view dolphins or crocodiles in their natural habitat. But you can also take a quiet dinner cruise with live music for a more romantic way to spend your evening.

The most well-known cruise ships are Goa’s famous floating casinos. These operate mostly at night and have a variety of games to choose from. Additionally there are amazing dinner buffets and an unlimited supply of alcohol.

4. Island Trip with Snorkelling

If you want a peek at life underwater without going through a scuba diving course, snorkelling is next best option. There are amazing reefs around the islands of Goa and the ones around Grand Island are a wonderful snorkelling destination.

The seabed is shallow and the water here is crystal clear allowing you to see the underwater marine life and fascinating sea creature native to the waters that make up the Araban Sea. Combining the snorkelling with a day trip to the islands is a great way to spend a fun day with the whole family.

It starts with a hotel pickup which will take you to the docks where you meet the boat. From there you set to sea towards Grand Island, famed for its clear waters and vibrant sea life. It is even possible to see dolphins along the way. After you indulge yourself snorkelling there is a barbeque and traditional Goan buffet lunch, served on the popular Monkey Beach. Once you’re all done you will once again be transported back to the hotel. All in all, a great day trip with sun, surf, sand and superb scenery.

5. Fishing

One of the most laid back and popular things to do in Goa is fishing. You’ll need patience and tenacity, for the art of angling is slow; but rewarding for those with perseverance and calm to see it through. There are dozens of fishing spots in Goa, which allow fisherman of all skill levels to try their luck and pull what they can from the depths of the water.

A great spot for shallow fishing is the jetty at Dona Paula, one of the suburbs in Panaji, if you’re feeling a bit more daring you can also try your hand at crab catching, though this requires a fair amount of skill as careless participants can get a painful nip on their finger. Deep sea fishing lets you tackle larger trophy fish which offer a wonderful challenge and needs no small amount of skill. Some can even indulge in trawling; which has the added fun of a boat ride, while your fishing line trailing behind.