Reis Magos Church

Just walking distance from the fort is the Reis Magos Church, whose towering, white, gabled façade is visible from across the Mandovi River. Built by Franciscan friars in 1555, the centerpiece of the church is the large space at the altar. Beautifully adorned, the space has a wooden panel above it, painted with the Magi or Three Kings, after whom the church takes its name.

The church also contains the tombs of two of Goa´s viceroys, who were buried here. Their tombstone inscriptions in Portuguese and Latin are still legible. The Reis Magos church, which then included a seminary and learning centre, was very prominent in the region, which explains the royal coat of arms is below the crucifix at the top of the gable.

Historians have also found evidence to support the theory that the church was built on the ruins of an old Hindu temple. Supporting this belief are two lions carved in bas relief on the stone balustrades of the steps leading up to the church. The sculptures are typical of temples belonging to the ancient Hindu Vijayanagar era of the 14th century.

The Reis Magos Church is beautiful and worth taking the time to visit.