Hong Kong

It’s hard to fathom that the magnificent skyscrapers and glittering skyline of Hong Kong Central constitutes only 25 per cent of the island. The rest of Hong Kong is hilly and boasts some pretty high mountains, natural reserves and a fairytale coastline. Thus, most of Hong Kong’s development hugs the safe and protected Victoria Harbour on the north side of the island.

The south side, in stark contrast, is marked by hilly regions and torrential rain. It is hot and also vulnerable to typhoons that sweep in from the South China Sea. No wonder, a hundred and fifty years ago, the south side of Hong Kong Island stayed off the radar of the early colonial settlers.

Modern technology has changed all that, and now the southern reaches of Hong Kong Island are home to some of the city’s most exclusive residential neighbourhoods. These uber-wealthy town houses are set on promontories or tucked cosily into the pristine coast, their residents basking in spectacular seaside views, far from the madding crowd. It also means that the south is quiet, peppered by quiet towns and boasts some beautiful and serene beaches. Welcome to Hong Kong’s south-side story, ideal for tourists and day-trippers.

Any one or a combination of, say, two of the following destinations can be covered in a day trip as there is excellent transport connecting them to Central.