Goldfish Market

Strolling through this market in Kowloon is oddly reminiscent of the 90 minutes you spent watching Finding Nemo. So, remember, at this street bazaar, the goods you’re inspecting stare right back at you – goldfish and scores of other tiny fish parcelled into transparent polythene bags hanging from street stalls, and row upon row of tanks containing colourful fish. Don’t say we didn’t warn you because, right around the corner, you’re likely to find small tanks and enclosures with tiny frogs, hamsters, beetles, turtles and all sorts of other small pets on sale.

But why the fuss over goldfish? Just like jade, goldfish too hold a special place in Chinese culture. They are believed to bring prosperity to their owners and goldfish tanks and aquariums are widely used in feng shui. Tourists don’t usually shop at the Goldfish Market but it has plenty of ‘entertainment value’ for tourists visiting Hong Kong with kids. Location: Tung Choi Street North, Mong Kok, Kowloon, just walking distance from the Ladies Market.