Cat Street Market

If you’ve always longed for a piece of Ming dynasty furniture or a vase, even just a curio or an old snuff box, you should head for Man Mo Temple in the old quarter of Central. Here, you can shop till you drop, for collectibles, antiques (genuine or otherwise), trinkets and all manner of memorabilia. The stalls here are literally overflowing with curios ranging from little Buddha statuettes, silk carpets, Ming vases, pocket watches, ceramics and the like.

Cat Street is one of two pedestrian streets that run parallel, the other being Hollywood Road. While the items just described can be found aplenty on Cat Street, Hollywood Road turns its nose up at its neighbour. No trinkets and kitsch here. This street sells, or pretends to sell, a colorful array of ‘antique’ paintings, pottery, sculptures, embroidery, furniture and items made from jade. You may or may not buy but window shopping on these two streets is worth your while. Here’s an interesting nugget on how Cat Street got its name. There was a time when this bazaar was where you shopped for stolen goods. In Cantonese, stolen goods are referred to as 'rat goods' and the people who buy them are called ‘cats’. Hence the moniker 'Cat Street'!
Location: Shueng Wan, Hong Kong Island