Avenue of Stars

Due to the freedom it enjoyed relative to cinema in China and Taiwan, the Hong Kong film industry grew into the third-largest film industry after Hollywood and Indian cinema. It also became a hub for cinema in East Asia. And despite political developments in Hong Kong thereafter, most notably the island-city’s return to China in 1997, the Hong Kong film industry has retained its distinctive identity.

The Avenue of Stars, located along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, pays tribute to the Hong Kong motion picture industry and its contribution to promoting the city as a destination worldwide. Modelled along the lines of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the Avenue of Stars boasts plaques bearing the names of famous Hong Kong actors and actresses; sculptures of stars; a video on the local movie industry; souvenir kiosks, and tidbits about Hong Kong's film history. Some visitors find it rather cheesy and it is definitely not worth visiting as a sightseeing venue in itself but the Avenue of Stars offers fantastic views of Victoria Harbour and the city’s towering skyline. If you’re into the touristy thing, you could have your picture taken on the promenade, for the folks back home!