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Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

Once a nondescript fishing village on the edge of the South China Sea, Hong Kong has risen like a glittering jewel at the very tip of the Chinese Mainland. Powered by trade, and some of the world’s leading banks, financial services and investment banking firms, this former British colony raised a skyline to rival the cityscapes of New York, Chicago, Shanghai, Tokyo and Dubai. You couldn’t have a more dramatic calling card than the sexy, jewel-studded skyline around Hong Kong’s stunning Victoria Harbour. But if the harbour, Victorial Peak and Hong Kong Central are Hong Kong’s show-stoppers, there’s a lot more than her showy, steel-and-glass centerpieces and mind-boggling moving pavements. Hong Kong is a classic fusion of East and West, and there is no better way to imbibe her ethnic offerings than savouring her cuisine, ambling aimlessly amid her vibrant street markets, visiting her temples, and soaking it all in on Shanghai Street. Take the ferry to Kowloon and a whole different world awaits. Once synonymous with the seamier side of life, Kowloon has since cleaned up its act and invites you in to experience the ‘real’ Hong Kong. We guarantee you’ll relish it!

There are many other reasons Hong Kong draws travellers from all over the world, not least of which is the easy access to Macau and a sprinkling of cities on Mainland China. Just an hour’s catamaran or train ride from Hong Kong is Macau, a Portuguese protectorate before it was returned, like British-Hong Kong, to China in 1997. The Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou also make for appealing day trips, and must not be missed.

Travellers usually don’t associate Hong Kong with world-class beaches. Well, they’re wrong! Shorn of touristy trappings, the beaches at Lantau and Lamma islands, and on the south side of Hong Kong Island will seduce you with their relative seclusion, turquoise waters, and powdery, white sand. They are the perfect antidote to the busy streets of Central Hong Kong. So, remember, Hong Kong offers a 360-degree experience and if you skip the real Hong Kong, you’re only scratching the surface.

Where You Are

Located at the tip of the Chinese Mainland on edge of the South China Sea, Hong Kong is a former British colony, now a Special Administrative Region of China. More appropriately, you’re looking at one of the best cityscapes in the world and experiencing the best of East-and-West fusion.

Don’t Miss

Victoria Harbour, The Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Street Markets, Shanghai Street, Lantau Island and Macau