On our exotic Norwegian cruises, you don’t need a magician to light up your voyage. The magic is there just for the asking – the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, jagged fjords, secret archipelagos, the world’s strongest tidal current – spectacular natural phenomena that you’ve only dreamt of more...

When to go to Norway

Arctic Awakening (Spring)
Experience ‘The Arctic Awakening’ and three seasons, all in one journey. There are extreme contrasts between southern and northern Norway at this time of the year.
This means you travel from a spring/summer climate in Bergen to full winter in Kirkenes, where you can participate in our winter excursions. Your voyage will be enriched with exciting shore excursions. Get up close and personal with teeming ocean life, migratory birds and local inhabitants of the small communities. Best time to visit : April and May
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Midnight Sun (Summer)
Summer is the most popular time of year to explore Norway’s coast. Thanks to the light during the summer months, the country bursts into life.
Flowers bloom, rivers fill with fish and waterfalls cascade into the ocean, creating a picture-perfect setting for a summer voyage. The intense, extended daylight above the Arctic Circle lasts round the clock, making every Norwegian ‘night’ a joy to behold. Best time to visit : June to August
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Autumn Gold (Autumn)
As summer turns to autumn, you can watch the coastline change colours from one season to another. Along the Norwegian shores, the clear air strengthens the reds and yellows that fill the mountainsides, hilltops and woods.
Autumn Gold includes numerous on board activities and exciting shore excursions that take you closer to the cultural life, old traditions and local inhabitants. The range of berries and mushrooms in Norway is one of the largest in Europe, and with a little luck, you might just find yellow carpets of chanterelles and cloudberries. Nature’s pantry is full of delicacies ready for harvesting, and on-board menu, activities and excursions reflect this special feast. Best time to visit : September and October
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Hunting The Light (Winter)
Winter is perhaps the most special time to explore wild and untamed Norway. The landscape is covered in virgin snow and the air is fresh, pure and crisp.
Clusters of cosy houses glow like embers on the shores. The stunning backdrop of snow-clad mountains reflects the polar twilight. Sailing to Norway’s northern reaches, you can experience a magical winter wonderland and hopefully see the mesmerising Aurora Borealis. For thousands of years, locals, visitors, artists and scientists in the northern part of the world have marvelled at the spectacular displays that occasionally light up the Norwegian night sky, a magic colour show as the lights flicker and change from light green to dark purple. Best time to visit : November to February
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