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The Voyage Of A Lifetime

Sailing to these two polar destinations is, for most people, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hauntingly beautiful and among the most remarkable places on the earth, Antarctica and Norway have a hypnotic allure that will knock your socks off. Antartica is the holy grail of cruise destinations – this voyage of discovery replicates the journey undertaken by the pioneers of the South Pole and navigates a seascape that defies imagination. Our Norwegian cruise to the Arctic Circle is equally matchless this side of the equator. It takes you through jaw-dropping fjords, tours medieval castles, introduces you to Vikings and holds out the promise of the Northern Lights. Guaranteed to take your breath away! Cruise port excursions

It’s A Carnival Out There:

On our cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska, think fun, fun, fun! Yes, the fun quotient is top priority. It’s an unbeatable combination – on-board entertainment 24x7 with stunning yet affordable staterooms coupled with halts at exotic ports of call. And here’s the best part – it’s great value-for-money. Cruise ship itinerary

Mediterranean Magic:

If the Jonses’ name-dropping includes words like Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes, there’s no reason you can’t do the same! Here’s your chance to sail to the most astonishing destinations in Greece. Where else can you snag a package that includes some of the best beaches on the planet, jaw-dropping sunsets, medieval magic, iconic Mediterranean architecture and culinary heaven? It’s all happening on the Aegean coast! Cruise ship destinations

Cruise King-Size:

Intimate, exclusive and unforgettable voyages... that’s what you sign up for when you sail with Variety Cruises. And the reason we can keep this promise is that, unlike conventional cruises, Variety takes you to the world’s most exotic ports of call on uber-cool yachts that make our clients the envy of every other cruiser. It’s an unbeatable combination of exotica with contemporary sophistication. Cruise port schedules


Embarking on a voyage to Antarctica is now easy.
Antarctica cruise port destinations


On our exotic Norwegian cruises, you don’t need a magician to light up your voyage.
Norway cruise port itinerary

Bahamas & Florida

Just off the southern coast of Florida is one of the world’s most popular cruise destinations, stomping ground of fun-seekers and nature lovers alike.
Bahamas & Florida cruise port schedules

The Caribbean

A riot of bold and vivid colours on sea and shore, a natural paradise beyond your wildest expectations and a culture that definitely knows how to live it up!
The Caribbean cruise port excursions


If you’re looking for a cruise vacation that’s a little out of the way and a little out of the ordinary, take an Alaskan cruise off your bucket list and book one now.
Alaska cruise port destinations


Whether your cruising style is west-coast Riviera with its Pacific charm, east-coast Caribbean with its island mojo, or Baja and its 'down there' other-wordliness. Either way, Mexico is a marvellous choice for a thoroughly enjoyable cruise.
Mexico cruise port schedules


Celestyal Cruises shows off the best of the Eastern Mediterranean, especifically the most beautiful and most precious sights on the Aegean coast.
Mediterranean cruise port itinerary


Located off the south-east coast of Africa and the fourth-largest island in the world, this island-country’s USP lies in its unique biodiversity, being home to flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth.
Madagascar cruise port excursion

The Seychelles

Island-hopping was never this exciting because Variety’s voyages to the Seychelles take you straight into those poster-perfect ports of call while allowing you the luxury of exploring them in ways only we can offer.
The Seychelles destinations

Red Sea

There couldn’t be a bigger misnomer than the ‘Red Sea’, for it is in this Middle Eastern region that a stark desert landscape melds with sapphire waters. This is truly one of the planet’s most fascinating seascapes.
Red Sea cruise port itinerary We assists in locating potential cruise port destinations offering an enjoyable way to cruise, taking you to a host of amazing destinations. Cruise ship destinations attributes to an ideal vacation spot considering the possibility for romance at each destination. Cruise Ship and port departure Dates to start booking your shore excursions at discount rates that are lower than the cruise lines. cruise excursion for your family vacation here. The cruise schedules enables users to view the proposed 12 month of the year passenger vessel schedule. The cruise port schedules are subject to change without notice. The cruise port itinerary is published online with Departure Date, Itinerary, Ship, Nights etc and is updated from time to time to reflect changes. Voyage itinerary & experience luxury cruising that they like and book their cruise ship starting at one port and finishing at another.