About Bahamas & Florida

The Bahamas
Just off the southern coast of Florida is one of the world’s most popular cruise destinations, stomping ground of fun-seekers and nature lovers alike. Carnival Cruise Lines takes you to The Bahamas, an archipelago of 700 islands featuring breathtaking islands and cays and boasting the clearest water on the planet – with a visibility of over 200 feet. This cruise introduces you to the world’s third largest barrier reef. It also offers idyllic getaways for sailing, snorkelling, fishing and strolling along sandy beaches.

The white, sandy shores of America’s Sunshine State are very alluring, the tropical flora and fauna enticing and the treasures of the sea exciting in a mysterious sort of way. On this cruise, ports of call in Florida get you up close and personal with dolphins, manatees, tropical fish, loggerhead turtles and many more wonders of the sea.

But the beauty of the cruise extends beyond extraordinary natural wonders. The warmth of the Bahamian people will steal your heart while their rich and colourful culture will further enrich your experience.

Here’s a peek into what your cruise experience promises:
  • Shop in the colorful capital of Nassau when your cruise docks at New Providence Island
  • Enjoy world-class diving in the sparkling bottle-green seas off Grand Turk
  • Pretend you’re a castaway on the secluded beaches of Half Moon Cay
  • Battle fighting marlin and sailfish in the deep blue seas off Freeport
  • Snorkel in vibrant coral gardens beneath the crystal-clear waters all year long

* Stroll along tree-fringed streets and rewind to an 18th century colonial past, complete with charming bungalows, picket fences and old towns with vintage saloons