Antarctica is home to millions of penguins and thousands of seals, and is a rich feeding area for whales. There is no hunting here, and the animals are not afraid of humans. On our cruises, you sail in the wake of the great explorers, take only photos and leave only footprints. Following are some of the landing sites on your Antarctica voyage, depending on the antarctica cruise you select.

Deception Island (South Shetland Islands)
Deception Island is a distinctive, ring-shaped volcanic caldera, with a navigable opening into the flooded interior. You go ashore in the natural harbour which includes Whalers Bay, home to an abandoned whaling station as well as a derelict British base.

Half Moon Island (South Shetland Islands)
Enjoy a short stay on this staggeringly photogenic island. It is blessed with some of the most spectacular Antarctic scenery imaginable. You will explore the serrated and creviced cliffs that are home to a large colony of chinstrap penguins, as well as Antarctic terns, kelp gulls, snowy sheathbills, Wilson’s storm petrels and several species of seals that regularly visit the island.

Yankee Harbour (South Shetland Islands)
Early sealers used Yankee Harbour on Greenwich Island as a frequent base of operations. It provided a natural safe haven, and remnants of those early days can still be seen littering the shoreline. One of the main sights here is the large colony of Gentoo penguins, estimated to be 4,000 breeding pairs.

Cuverville Island
Situated in the scenic Errera Channel, Cuverville Island boasts the largest known colony of Gentoo penguins in the Antarctic Peninsula. You will sail through the narrow Errera Channel, to and from Cuverville, and see icebergs that have become trapped and grounded in the nearby shallows.

Neko Harbour
The Gentoo penguin colony lies nestled in Andvord Bay, surrounded by the mountains and high glacier walls of the peninsula. Neko is one of those rare places in this area where you actually land on the Antarctic mainland.

Paradise Harbour
Paradise Harbour offers another rare opportunity for a mainland landing and some of the finest vistas the Peninsula has to offer, as well as a research base and penguin colonies.

Lemaire Channel
This 11-km-long and 1.6-km-wide channel is one of the most beautiful passages in Antarctica. Sailing through offers spectacular views and amazing photo opportunities.

Petermann Island
Located in the picturesque Penola Strait, this is a great spot for iceberg- and whale-spotting, with views across the channel to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Port Lockroy
The British base of Port Lockroy on Goudier Island has become one of the most popular sites in Antarctica, and our visit here offers a unique peek into life in an Antarctic base in the 1950s.

Wilhelmina Bay
Enjoy the sights of mountains and high glaciers around Wilhelmina Bay. You will go ashore and see dramatic scenery and sculpted ice from tiny floating pieces to large bergs. The bay is a choice feeding ground for whales and seals and therefore was a rich hunting ground for whalers in the past.

Antarctic Sound
The huge ice shelves of the Antarctic continent give birth to mile-long tabular icebergs. The strong currents of the Weddell Sea bring these massive flat-topped bergs north into the Antarctic Sound at the northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula. You will hopefully enjoy this breathtaking sight as we sail through.

Brown Bluff
Brown Bluff lies on the coast at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The massive, rust-coloured bluff is volcanic and the beach is peppered with lava ‘bombs’. The wildlife we will see here includes Adélie penguins, Gentoo penguins and kelp gulls. Cape petrels can be found breeding here and Weddell seals are also regular visitors.

All the above landings and excursions are included in the cost of your cruise. Would you like to know more about Antarctica?