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Worldwide Timeshare, Sharing in India  
If you're planning on buying a timeshare in India, make sure you're actually going to use lifetime holidays. If your vacation plans are generally subject to last minute changes, this option may not be the best bet for you.

Worldwide timeshare at Osborne Club in Goa India is the most affordable way to buy a Time share vacation holiday home. The consumer buys the use of a facility in a resort area for a particular time during the year in Goa or Mumbai and for a specified number of years. Staying at Time share has been used to sell 2-3 bedroom condominiums in Mumbai, Goa (in India). A feature promoters emphasize is that customers can exchange their facilities for similar accommodations at other areas around the world.

The annual sale of time-share units continues to rise dramatically. In 1989 about 100,000 units were sold, compared with 1999 sales of about 555,000.
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