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Timeshare Investing in India  
There are 2 basic types of timeshare investing plans in India.

Deeded Plan:
This is when you buy interest in a property. You are generally allowed to use the house or apartment for a specific period of time each year, until you sell it.

Non-deeded Plan, you buy a lease or membership for a specific period of time each year for a certain number of years. With both types, the cost of the property will depend on the size of the unit and when you're planning on using it. For example, a timeshare in India during the summer will be far less expensive then the same one during the winter.

Many promoters paint glowing pictures of the investment potential and ease of resale of the units in their development. Responsible people in the industry, however, DO NOT promote or sell time-sharing as an investment because time-share units are usually difficult to rent or resell. This situation may change in time, but for now, because of the building boom in new time-sharing developments, markets have not been established for renting or reselling time-share units.
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