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Osborne Club MembershipMany happy members have loads of happy stories to tell . . .

"We read all the information and realised we could go all over the world without spending lots of money and at the same time, thanks to Osborne Club and the exchange system, without compromising the quality of our holidays... the highest quality, oustanding quality."
-George Smith, UK

"We chose to buy Lifetime Holidays because its cheaper than buying a second home. Osborne Club allows us to see other places, to go to different countries and we have never been disappointed with the quality."
- Jannet, UK

"Every year we take two or three breaks. Twice in the Summer and at least once during the Winter. Obviously we would like to have a nice and pleasant holiday and we are extremely satisfied with Osborne Club - they offer a variety of choices and we can go to four or five star hotels anywhere in the world."
- Brian Lord, UK

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