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Buying a Time Share in India  
If you're thinking about buying a timeshare in India, you may want to call the management company, directly. This is generally the place to buy a new timeshare. They may also be able to help you buy a week owned by someone who is interested in selling. This option generally only happens if all the "new" weeks in a timeshare have already been sold.

Stayingat A quick and safe way to buy, sell or rent a timeshare. Never a commission, appraisal or broker fee. No pressure and no hype; just real results. Timeshare at Stayingat can be an affordable way to own a vacation home. Before you buy, you should be able to answer YES to all these questions:
  • Can you afford both the facility and the round trip travel costs each year?
  • Are you POSITIVE you want to spend ALL your vacations there?
  • Have you visited the facility? Are you satisfied with its quality, with the stability of the management, and with the terms of the contract? Have you checked out this time-share development ?
  • Have you talked to some long-time owners in this time-share facility?
  • Will not physically take you to the facility.
  • Offer you a special price "for that day only."
  • Subject you to a long and harrassing sales pitch.
  • Will not let you take the contract home to study.
  • Some promoters claim the place is built when it is really only a hole in the ground.
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