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Getaways Mumbai to Matheran - 60 Kms

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Standard Budget hotel rooms Located in - Maharashtra
Distance from Mumbai - 55 km approx.
Hours by Road - Around 1 hours
Best time to visit - Throughout the year

Matheran is the most popular hill station located at a distance of 54 km from Mumbai. The pollution-free environment, picturesque hills, viewpoints and lakes make it a sought after weekend destination. Discovered by the British, the Sahyadri range forms the backdrop. The cliffs here are excellent for rock climbing and the nearby jungles have trailing opportunities. The area around the various view points are ideal picnic spots.

Though Matheran is basically a hill station visited during summer, now with trekking enthusiasm, this has becaome a very attractive and popular point of trekking in the rains. With the advent of monsoons, Matheran looks enchanting. One can have a feel of walk in the clouds during the rains of Matheran.

What to see in Matheran The Panorama Point, Charlotte Lake, Prabal Fort, Porcupine Point, Rambagh Point and the Pisharnath Temple are the main attractions besides camping and paragliding in the summer months.

Getting there
Airport: Mumbai, 100 kms away is the nearest airport.
By Rail: Neral station, 21 kms away is where you can catch the toy train.
By Road: Mumbai by road is about 108 kms from Matheran via Karjat and Neral.
Pune is 120 kms away.

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