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Getaways Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar - 200 Kms

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Standard Budget hotel rooms Located in - Maharashtra
Distance from Mumbai - 210 km approx.
Hours by Road - Around 4 hours
Best time to visit - October to May.

Mahabaleshwar is a famed hill station. The place has gained prominence as a weekend getaway much for its surrounding hills that offers panoramic views, trekking and rock climbing opportunities. It is located at a height of 1372 meters above sea level. Mahabaleshwar was the former Bombay Presidency capital. Beings situated along the Western Ghats, it also features a moderate climate throughout the year. People buy strawberries and mulberries from this place as for some reason the quality of the berries is very nice. This is what makes this place different from all the other major cities.

What to see in Mahabaleshwar Besides the Mahabaleshwar Shiva Temple, you can visit the nearby sites of the Venna Lake, the city market and the hill town of Panchgani.

Tourists, who come to visit this place sometimes go to nearby Panchgani. In Mahabaleshwar there are many viewpoints such as the Bombay point, Kates point and many more from where we can get a good view of the whole place. There is a famous waterfall in this place and it's called the Lingamala falls. There are five sightseeing tours, which are conducted by the management there.

How to reach Mahableshwar from Mumbai City ?

Volvo Buses and other luxury buses are a convenient way to reach Mahabaleshwar from neighboring cities like Mumbai, Lonavala, pune etc. Apart from bus travel, the city is also well connected by rail & air.

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