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Getaways Mumbai to Kolhapur - 460 Kms

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Standard Budget hotel rooms Located in - Maharashtra Panhala
Distance from Mumbai - 500 km approx.
Hours by Road - Around 8 hours
Best time to visit - March and October

The ideal weekend getaway for a wildlife enthusiast, the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the Kolhapur district. The sanctuary borders the Radhanagri Dam and its waters form a lovely sight. Dajipur is the place to enjoy beauty of the landscape, surrounding forest and trekking besides safari. Wild deer, chital and bison species are seen at this sanctuary. What to see in Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary While jungle safari is the main tourist activity, visitors can also choose to tour the nearby Radhanagri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kolhapur is an old city on the banks of the Panchganga and is well known for its sandals, wood craft and Kolhapuri cuisine. Kolhapuri chicken is a delicacy that you cannot miss savoring here. It is also the headquarters of the Marathi film industry and is the place where Raja Harishchandra, the first feature movie of India, was shot. What to see in Kolhapur While the local markets selling Kolhapuri chappal, jewelry and other handicrafts will keep you busy, sightseeing tours will include visit to the Irwin Agricultural Museum, Mahalaxmi Temple, Maharajas's Palace and the Panhala hill station is close to Kolhapur.

The hill station of Panhala is easily accessible from Kolhapur and is situated at an elevation of 3177 feet. It is an interesting getaway from Mumbai where tourists can enjoy natural beauty, pollution-free environment and jungle trekking. The Someshwar Tank is a famous tourist site. It is a "secret well" on the Panhala Fort.
What to see in Panhala As Panhala is an unexplored hill station, the place is tranquil and secluded making it ideal for a weekend break. Other than the natural beauty, the dense forests, Panhala Fort and the Someshwar Tank are popular attractions.
Kolhapuri Specials is Kandi Pedhe, Zunka- Bhakar, Misal Pav, Kolhapuri Mutton Thali, Tambada & Pandhara Rassa, Kanda - Lassun Chatani, Kakvi, Gul etc.,
others are Kolhapuri Saaj ( Jewellery ), Kolhapuri Chappals (leather footwear)
How to Reach. Pune-Kolhapur road is extremly good you should be able to reach the Kolhapur in 6-7 hours if you happen to leave Mumbai by 6.00 am in the morning. You will also get good food restaurants till Kolhapur to take care of breakfast, lunch etc.

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