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Getaways Mumbai to Daman and Diu - 160 Kms

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Standard Budget hotel rooms Located in - Daman and Diu
Distance from Mumbai - 160 km approx.
Hours by Road - Around 3 hours
Best time to visit - March to October

Daman is one of the top tourist destinations in India visited by thousands of sea lovers throughout the year. It is around 3 hours drive from Mumbai. This town has two divisions - Moti Daman and Nani Daman. It borders the Daman Ganga River and is well known for its Portuguese era buildings, architecture, landscape and fishing hamlets. The main occupation of Daman people is the fishery industry. What to see in Daman Daman is a haven for tourists and there are several small beaches here. You can buy baskets, bamboo mats and leather items. Jaliandhar Beach, Goghla Beach and Nagoa Beach are the main destinations. Church of Our Lady, St Jerome Fort, Diu Fort, Panikota Fort and Cathedral of Bom Jesus are popular attractions.
Daman and Diu is the Goa of Gujarat, Beautiful and clean beaches, nice weather not too much of humid. There are good hotels too acoording to one's budget. So overall a must see destination.
How to reach: Drive from Mumbai is about 3 hrs. From Borivali station by train one can get off at Vapi and catch easily available autorickshaw to daman

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