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White Water Rafting July - Sept

If you thought that water sports were only available in Goa during the months of October to May, then you need to think again. With the introduction of river rafting by Southern River Adventures, Goa’s water sports scene has just reached a whole new level of fun. This sport, unlike the others is at its zenith during the monsoon season when the rivers are swollen from the heavy rains. Select the white water rafting trip and view rafting prices.

These trips take the intrepid visitor away from the normal Goan beach scenes into the wilderness of the Western Ghats. The trip is both picturesque and exciting, providing plenty of thrills for the adrenaline junkie. The rapids are class two and three rapids and so suitable for both beginner and veteran rafters. This is the best monsoon water sport in Goa.

Where to Go

The fun starts at the Earthen Pot restaurant (next to the government hospital) in Valpoi in North Goa. From here the group is transported to The Mahdei River to enjoy the thrills and chills of class two and three rapids. After the rafting experience visitors are brought back to the Earthen Pot restaurant.


During the monsoon season; beginning at the end of June/start of July and finishing in September, the white water rafting tour takes place twice a day, every day. Reporting times – 9.30 am and 2.30 pm at the Earthen pot restaurant

Duration of the Trip

Depending on the rapids and the water levels the trip can last anywhere between two and a half to three hours, including transport to and from the river. Be sure and allot sufficient time so that you can fully enjoy your experience.

Rules and Regulations

Children under the age of 12 or height of 4 feet will not be allowed to undertake the trip for reasons of safety.

Persons who have consumed alcohol are not permitted to join the tour group.

Rafters are advised NOT to wear long, loose clothing and saris are not allowed.

Ideal clothing includes shorts or leggings and a t-shirt or synthetic top.

Use footwear that can stand up to getting wet i.e. floaters or joggers. Slippers are NOT allowed.


The sport is designed to keep it interesting throughout the 10 km stretch of white water. Rapids with names like "Big Daddy" "Giant Haystacks" "Y fronts" and "Pipeline" are going to make sure that you have a blast and get thoroughly soaked.

Travelling in wet clothes, is not a lot of fun after you get out of the raft, so be sure and carry a change of clothes and shoes, as well as a towel to dry off with. Those who think that white water rafting is “hungry work” can also carry cash with them so they can eat at the restaurant after the trip.


The trip costs Rs 1799 per person. You can book your exciting water rafting trip in Goa here and now so that you are not disappointed by lack of seats later.


Having undertaken this exciting adventure, you’re sure to want some souvenirs of it for posterity. At the same time, you probably don’t want to expose your camera to the rigours of white water rafting or even worse being dropped into the river during a tumultuous stretch of rapids.

Fortunately the tour guides here at Southern River Adventures have thought of everything and will photographically document your trip and make the pictures available to you at the end of the outing. Those who wish to purchase photographs can do so, and those who prefer can carry a pen-drive and receive their photos that way.

A brilliant way to enjoy the monsoon in Goa, this trip is a must do for everyone with an adventurous spirit. The tour operators at Southern River Adventures are experienced and have a sterling reputation having navigated over 50,000 people safely through the rapids without the trips being marred by a single accident.

So put your worries and cares aside and head out for a day of fun and frolic accompanied by a heady adrenaline rush and unique way in which to explore more of the Goan countryside.

An Adventurous Monsoon sports July to September white water rafting in Goa Valpoi tours twice every day ideal for beginner & veteran river rafters.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Come Enjoy! Event only from July - September
Duration: 10 km stretch total 3 hours approx.

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