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If you are travelling for business, you already know your destination. You have definite dates when you need to be there, come rain or shine more...

Plan Your Business Trip

If you are travelling for business, you already know your destination. You have definite dates when you need to be there, come rain or shine.

Book early to get the best prices on Flight, Bus or Train tickets. There are all kinds of deals to be found on the Internet, but sometimes a good travel agent knows things you don’t and can save you time, effort and the possibility of making the wrong choice.

When going on a business trip, choose the best accommodation your budget will allow. This will ensure that you arrive for meetings well in time, feeling relaxed and looking your best. Here are some tips to help you find the best hotel.

Travel light. You may end up carrying your own bags and you want to avoid hurting your back.

Be prepared for emergencies and delays. Keep a printed list of contact information for airlines, hotels and people you are meeting, so you are not at a loss if your phone battery or network coverage gives out. You may want to keep a small snack or a bottle of water handy.

Stay safe. Find out the dos and don’ts of the place you are visiting. Budget enough time for travel and to find your way around a new place.

What you pack will depend on your destination, the duration of your trip and who you will meet there.

Clothes & Toiletries : Check up on the weather. What are people wearing this time of the year? How much time are you likely to spend outdoors? If you are largely indoors, the heat, cold, rain and snow will barely impact you, but do take them into account when packing. Do you have to attend a formal social engagement? Try to pack a few good, versatile outfits which can be dressed up with shoes and accessories, so that you mix and match for any occasion. If you are on a long trip, check out the availability of washing machines and laundry services in your hotel or in the area you are staying, so you can reuse clothes. Carry small, travel-size packs of toiletries. This will save on space and weight, and you can pre-pack them in a travel pouch so they are ready to go whenever you are. If you are flying, remember you can only carry 100-ml containers of liquids and semi-liquids in hand luggage. Rules change, so ask at the airline check-in counter, and put any cosmetics and creams that are not allowed in the cabin, into your check-in baggage.

Medication : Be sure to pack any medication you take regularly. Headaches, an upset stomach, allergies, colds... there are any number of small ailments that can turn your thoughts swiftly to the comfort of home! Consider packing a small quantity of any medication you keep handy at home as it may be difficult to procure what you need in an unfamiliar place. If you are carrying prescription medication, pack your doctor’s prescription too.

Electronics & Communication : Don’t forget your travel plugs, phone charger and other essentials. Check for the best phone plans – voice and data – to keep in touch with the office and home.

Make checklists and do a quick check before you leave.

Carry enough business cards.

Travel Documents & Essentials : If you are travelling overseas, this will include passport, ticket, visa, etc, but even if you are travelling within the country, identification, credit cards, cash, your travel itinerary, tickets, contact addresses, telephone numbers and other items should feature on this list.

It is usually best to take along a printed copy of relevant business and project-related documents so you are not completely dependent on email, laptops and printers.

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